2014 Dining Changes

Check out the changes coming to Loyola Dining in 2014!


We are updating the space to allow for idealMEAL(Meal Exchange) for breakfast and lunch. All you care to eat for dinner and weekends will still be available, but we will making the following changes:

  • To go containers will be readily available
  • Compostable dishware for dine-in
  • $12 door price
  • Yogurt, currently in Reading Room, will move to Boulder


The servery will be renovated to offer new venues including a Bravissimo action station and Park Side Diner offering comfort food favorites. Students will no longer need to wait for their food to be heated up, wait times will decrease and speed of service will increase.

  • Bagels and spreads will be offered for breakfast.

New venue

A new venue, Night Hound, will be added beside Iggy’s and will offer late night options such as subs, ice cream and convenience items.

(Information dourtesy of loyola.edu/dining)