3 Reasons to be Excited this Monday

The weekend is over, it’s hot, you spilled coffee on yourself, and now you’re stuck in traffic. Happy Monday, right? Don’t let the Monday blues get you down. Here are three reasons to be excited on this Monday morning.

1. Football is BACK

In case you missed it, last night the New York Giants beat the Buffalo Bills 17-13 in the NFL Hall of Fame game. Sure, it’s only preseason. But it’s something to get pumped about, right?

2. John Venns turns 180

You’re probably saying, who? But John Venn introduced the Venn Diagram. Do you really need more of a reason to get excited than celebrating the birthday of the man who contributed to 40% of your grade school assignments? Plus, Google’s home page is a pretty sweet dedication to him.

3. White Panda-Monium

The correct answer is yes, you do need more of a reason to get excited. We have the solution. Last night we announced the first ever Welcome Weekend Concert on August 31st! There is no reason to be down in the dumps when you know WHITE PANDA is coming to Loyola in just 27 days. It’s the first of THREE concerts this year at Loyola so there’s another 3 reasons to be excited. 6 for the price of 3. What could be better? Nothing.

Check out the White Panda Release Video!