The Assembly consists of a number of elected and appointed representatives from each class year that work with their respective Class President as well as the Vice President of Social Affairs and the Director of Programming to plan class events and initiatives.

Each class is given a budget to work with and plan events and clothing sales for its constituents. The assemblies also come together to plan major Loyola events like Initium Week, Fall Concert, and Loyolapalooza.

Check out the 2016-2017 Class Assemblies below!

Senior Class Assembly

Emily Reuling

Jamie Surgent-Nahay

Tim Attolino

Maggie Grasso

Faith Osinaga

Allison Geissler

Junior Class Assembly

Jamie Gilmore

Colman Fahey

Sarah Doyle

Caroline Dunn

Amy Guido

Emily Bledsoe

Sophomore Class Assembly

Nick Digia

Daysi Perez

John Buller

Daniela Laudisio

Hannah Flury

Thomas Carroll

First Year Class Assembly

Maggie Di Pesa

Patrick Grasso

Caroline Adler

Jack Finnegan

Emily Bisesto

Victoria Rubino