Club Appropriations

Welcome to the Club Appropriations information page! The Student Government Association budget is responsible for the funding of many of Loyola's clubs and organizations. As a club president, here is where you can find the information on funding and the appropriations process for requesting funds, which is located below.

Before requesting funds, take a look at the finance-committee-by-laws (click link) to familiarize yourself and club with the process. Additionally, one executive club member must attend either the Club Funding Workshop at the beginning of the year. If you do not attend, you must arrange for a meeting our Director of Clubs and Activities, Aubrey Leas, who will be happy to present the information to you so that you may begin requesting funds from SGA.

In addition to filling out the form below, each request be in the form of a written proposal containing the following (sample proposal) and attached below:

  1. A detailed description of the program or event, including student population served, the purpose of the event  (including how it will fit with the mission of the University) anticipated attendance, and a brief outline of the qualifications of the proposed speaker (if applicable).
  2. A tentative itinerary (if applicable).
  3. Tentative dates and times and locations for the proposed program/event.
  4. A complete budget for the event(itemized table of expenses).
  5. The amount of the request and a brief description of the ways in which the funds will be used.
  6. In general, clubs requesting money should be looking to multiple sources such a personal contributions, other funding organizations (i.e. Education for Life), and fundraising efforts. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Chief Financial Officer, Charlie DeMassi  (

Club Appropriations Fast Facts

  • Club Appropriations Budget

  • $25,000
    Total Budget
  • Maximum Request

  • $1000
    Max Club Request
  • Max Speaker Request

  • $250
    Max Speaker Request

Club Appropriations Form

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