Election Timelines, Reminders, & Violation Submission Form


REMINDER: Any and all campaigning (posting flyers, social media, handing out candy, etc.)  cannot start until Tuesday, 4/23!  

Prior to campaigning, all platforms (instagram, snapchat, twitter, & facebook) must be following and followed by @LoyolaMDSGA before posting!

Signatures for Senate and Class Assembly are due by 3:00 PM on 4/12 in the student activities office
Fill out Campaign Bios ASAP!
Posters are due to mlcannon@loyola.edu at midnight on 4/17
Campaigning and poster pick up begin at 9:00 am on 4/23
Voting opens the 24th and closes the 26th at noon with announcements made on the third floor at 3:00 pm.


  • Poster pick-up begins at noon on Tuesday, April 23th
  • Pickup posters in Student Activities after 9:00am (make sure they’re stamped and signed)
  • Adhere to posting policy: Reprinted from “Posting Policy Quick Guide”
    • All student posters must be approved by the Office of Student Activities (only exception is posters designed by MarComm)
    • Only painters tape allowed
    • No masking, duct, scotch or other kinds of tape permitted
    • No posting on wood, glass, painted or elevator surfaces. DO NOT POST ON BOULDER OR STARBUCKS BENCHES OR PILLARS.
    • No posting on exterior doors
    • No posting allowed in DiChiaro Art Gallery hallway
    • Do not post on horizontal surfaces (floor, ground, benches)
    • Posters must be removed by the club after 2 weeks past event date
    • Anything found violating policy will be taken down, and club leadership notified of the violation. After three ‘strikes,’ a club will lose the ability to post for the remainder of the semester”
    • Online campaigning is encouraged so long is the content aligns with the guidelines set for the printed posters.
    • Online posting must tag and notify @LoyolaMDSGA (IG, FB, Twitter) on any platforms used.
    • Election sabotage to any extent should be brought to the attention of the COO and will be evaluated by Election Committee.
    • Full posting policy:
      • https://www.loyola.edu/department/student-activities/clubs-organizations/policies/posting-policy

You cannot hang newly designed posters past the original submission date

2019/2020 Election Violation Submission Form


  • Ballot is sent out on the morning of Wednesday, 4/24 in a class-wide email
  • Again, you cannot post the link to vote on social media or through email!
  • Candidates can encourage students to vote but cannot re-share the ballot directly

Friday, April 26th: Voting polls will close at 12 pm, and election results will be announced at 3:00 pm on the 3rd Floor outside Student Activities office.

Flyers must be taken down by 11:59 pm on Sunday 4/28 or otherwise incur a fine of $50.

*Failure to comply with any voting policies can result in disqualification.*