General Election Candidates

2018/2019 General Election Candidates

Class Presidents

  • Roman Lopez
    • In the short time that i have been at Loyola, I’ve been inspired to be better. I’ve been challenged and my curiosity has been provoked. If elected, I would make it a priority to elevate my community and environment in any way available. It would be my honor and privilege to create a cohesive culture where all of my neighbors and fellow students can grow. I would work tirelessly to nurture and cultivate the Greyhound soil to allow for deep rooted growth. Healthy things grow. I would learn what currently exists and then find methods that can better that.  I am confident that creating a team that is equally enthusiastic would help catapult the mission of Loyola greatness. The idea is to grow as we go and leave what I find better, because better is always possible. My name is Roman Lopez and I would be very happy to serve my new home with humility, enthusiasm and leadership. 
  • Bobby Portway
    • Hello, my name is Bobby Portway and I am running to be your Class of 2022 President. I have lots of ideas to help build our class into the strongest and most unified class in Loyola history, but can only do so with your support! In High School, I served as our Class President for four years, held President and Vice-President positions in five other clubs and organizations (such as Best Buddies, DECA, National Honor Society, etc.), and have volunteered with many different service and local political groups. I have a passion for helping others and want to serve as a resource to my peers. My main goal of this campaign is UNITY. Your voice matters, and your voice will be my voice as I fight for and advocate for our class. If elected, I will work with each of you to help you have an amazing Loyola experience. Together, we will break records and make new discoveries. Together, we will plan fun and inclusive class events. Together, we will push for the empowerment of our community. Together, we will stand united as the Class of 2022. And together, we will make Loyola history and have a memorable four years. Portway is the way, so please vote for Bobby Portway as your First Year Class President! Thank you!
  • Marilyn Morales
    • My name is Marilyn Morales, from New jersey. And after only being here for a short amount of time, I am well aware that many of you are as well. To specify, I was born and raised in a Beach town called Fair Haven in Monmouth county, which is central on the shore. The reason I am sharing this with you is not to simply state my personal geographic origins, but to enunciate the importance of the conviction that not only I myself hold in the highest regard, but what I have also felt in the environment here at Loyola University: the innate and unconditional care for the individual. I am sure you have heard the phrase (Coined by our very own Loyola University) ‘Cura Personalis’, ample times, but this simple phrase I truly feel is a large factor to what has shaped this great University into what I feel is the sanctuary that it is today. I have come to realize that here at Loyola, the faculty, students, and staff are so much more than someone to give you affirmation of your intelligence, but individuals who truly care for the wellbeing of their students. I hope to further perpetuate this message as your class President.
  • Brandon Hospic
    • Hello, My name is Brandon Hospic and I will be running for class president . My goal as class president is to help bond as a community. I also want to be able to represent our class and have our voices heard here at Loyola.I believe that I am very outgoing, caring, open-minded and initiative. These to me are qualities that call me to be a great leader and the right president for our class. I will always go out my way and give what our class is asking for. I’m here to make college how you want it. With your help we make everything happen together
  • Bernadette del Prado
    • My name is Bernadette del Prado and I would be absolutely honored to be the Class of 2022’s next Class President. Before arriving at Loyola, I knew that I wanted to be involved in SGA. Throughout high school, I held many leadership positions, including Secretary and Vice President of Student Government, Dance Captain of the Theatre Club, being a Peer Leader, and Founder and President for 3 years of Model United Nations. Establishing and developing the Model UN club from its earliest stages was by no means a simple task. It involved patience in its earliest stages, perseverance as it was being developed, and passion throughout its duration. These characteristics molded me during high school, and if I am elected, they will continue to guide my decisions as President. In the past, serving my community was an important part of my life. At Loyola, I know this dedication to public service will endure. I want this community to feel as though their voices are represented. When it comes to serving others, it isn’t personal satisfaction that I seek, but the joy that my work has the ability to bring. If elected, I will do my very best to prioritize the needs of the Class of 2022, and to make this year the best first-year possible!
  • Benjamin Hunt
    • Greyhounds, my name is Benjamin Hunt and I am excited to run for President for the class of 2022. Over the past few weeks that I have been here, I’m proud to say that Loyola is my home. So far, I’ve walked onto the Crew Team, started my own business club, and best of all, made friends for life. If I’m elected Class President, I will do everything in my power to make Loyola the best possible experience it can be for my fellow Greyhounds and I will make sure that everyone has a path to success. Vote Ben Hunt for Class President!

First Year Class Senators

  • Johanna Montenegro
    • In the few weeks here at Loyola I have been fortunate enough to get to know not all but many students of the class of 2022. I know our class is filled with bright, powerful, and driven students. We have a lot to offer to Loyola University, and it is our duty to make these characteristics known and work together as a team for our goals and changes. As senator of the class of 2022, I look forward to the opportunity to get to know our class as a whole and gain new perspectives, ideas, and concerns. All of which I will make my priority to relay to student advocacy in order to advocate for change in policy issues. I want to be a resource for our class, in order to have a voice in search for change when issues arise. I believe that a strong connection between our student body and the executive board is crucial to maintain an environment that continues to inspire students to learn, lead, and serve in a diverse and changing world. Not only is it my goal to be a source of connection between students and faculty, but it is my goal that by doing so it will bring us closer as a class and as a University. We can achieve more as we grow as a whole.
  • Merbin Carattini
    • As a First-year Business Management student with a Hispanic background I am seeking the position of Senator because I came into college with my mind set on of enacting positive change by bringing diversity to positions of leadership within the Loyola community. In high school, I was the President of the Hispanic Student Union, Captain of my Soccer team, and Co-Captain of my Football team. Using these experiences, I will bring the work ethic and goal setting skills, needed to be an influential Senator to represent the desires of the student body. In the past, I have been part of organizations such as a cadet of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC), an Ambassador of the National Student Honor Society (NSHSS), and the Hispanic National Honor Society, which are committed to helping others by providing services and assistance. I am also involved with the Center for Community, Service, and Justice, ALANA Services, MAN2MAN, the Caribbean Student Union, as well as ROTC. I believe my involvement with these organizations my freshman year will continue to enhance Loyola’s core values of service, justice, integrity, and allow me to develop the necessary Leadership skills, that will be used during my term as Senator.My goals for the position of Senator are: To increase communication between Student Government and the Student body. To bring diversity, and a different perspective inside the Student Government. To make Senate more effective by creating an environment where students are adequately represented and if they have any issue or complaint with a school policy, their problem will be thoroughly discussed.
  • Emma Niles 
    • Hi, I’m Emma Niles, I’m from Rhode Island and I’ve been involved in school, state, and federal politics for all of high school! As a senator for the Class of 2022, I will be dedicated to the wellbeing of the student body, turning your comments and concerns into action! I also think it’s very important to grow our own Loyola community and the Baltimore community around us. Let’s turn our energy into action and create a better environment for all!
  • Glenn Prushinski
    • Fellow classmates and peers, my name is Glenn Prushinski and I am running to represent our class in the Student Government Association Senate. I am eager to bring my past experiences in positions as a leader to a new role here at the Loyola community. With my leadership and ideas, we can strengthen our school’s community and further improve our campus. As someone who is open to new ideas, I would be happy to discuss any concerns you might have. I look forward to working with you and listening to your variety of thoughts and opinions if elected as Senator.
  • Shane McHugh
    • At Loyola, there is a flawed, unspecific drug policy. Alcohol’s punishments are clearly listed in the community standards. Then, there is a separate drug column with “small” and “large” quantities. It lists marijuana in the same category as cocaine and heroin. Clearly, marijuana is not much worse than alcohol. As a senator, I will fight for a marijuana policy that is at least comparable to alcohol. The current policy is a flawed relic of the past. Also, if I had a nickel for every time I heard “Sorry this is an express shuttle,” I would not have to pay much more tuition. The idea of an express shuttle is just to make things go quicker, less stops and less time. Well, that is not true if you are going to the FAC, or Newman to catch the Orioles’ game bus. The shuttle system creates a bad incentives like walking to the FAC. I rarely see police at Notre Dame when walking there. On top of that, there is also the bad incentive to jaywalk on the busy North Charles Street to get to the FAC. These bus routes are a safety issue. Many stops are right next to each other, Therefore the solution is to lower the amount of stops in general, so express buses are unnecessary. Every shuttle should be able to go to every stop on campus.
  • Alejandra Gonzalez
    • Hi, my name is Alejandra Gonzalez. I’m from Venezuela, but I moved to Connecticut four years ago. Today I want to run for the Class of 2022 Senate because I want to advocate for you, my new classmates. I’ve always enjoyed listening to people’s concerns and coming up with solutions, as a group. As new students here at Loyola, it is necessary that we bring a sense of community, diversity and most importantly ACTION. We need to get involved, care, and act upon the matters we care the most about. Regardless of who you are, I want to make sure our first year at Loyola can be the best one yet. Therefore, I will be open to listen to your concerns, your ideas, and most importantly, I will make sure we all feel at home by bringing our class together through fun events and get-togethers. It’s time we get to know each other so if you have any questions please don’t forget to ask me, I’m always here to listen to you!
  • Trevor Tormann
    • My name is Trevor Tormann, and I am running to be a member of the Class of 2022 Senate. I have a firm belief that each person should have their voice be heard, their opinions be respected, and their experiences be shared. As students at Loyola, we can have an impact on our future only if we are active in our college experience. I look to participate in student government not for my benefit, but rather for the possibility of establishing positive, effectual change for the school community. I would be honored to represent the Class of 2022 and would be excited to begin working with the school community, making Loyola a better place for all of us. 

First Year Class Assembly

  • Grace Kirkman
    • My name is Grace Kirkman, and I am running to serve as a member of the Assembly this year. I am very excited about this position because it will give me the opportunity to work with other members of our school community to make a positive impact in everyone’s lives during our time here at Loyola. If elected, I will work tirelessly to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard to make the 2018-2019 school year the best one yet. I believe that all members of the Student Government Association have a responsibility to represent the student body and to advocate for their rights, and I am committed to upholding these duties. If elected, I look forward to getting the opportunity to team up with other assembly members to plan fun events that will allow us to come together to build a stronger Loyola community. With an intended major in Marketing and lots of previous experience in clubs such as Student Council and Peer Leadership Club, I feel confident that I am equipped with the necessary skills to help lead us into the best year yet
  • Jennifer Chung
    • My name is Jennifer Chung and I want to represent you as one of the class of 2022 Assembly members. If elected, I will not only do my best to listen to your opinion, but I will also use previous experiences to initiate different varieties of social events. In high school, I was on the committee to plan for prom, homecoming and Relay for Life. I learned how to become a leader and advocate for the people around me. I am so excited to get to know the class and bring our community together.
  • Charlotte Flury
    • Hello! My name is Charlotte Flury and I’m a first-year from Baltimore. For me, Baltimore is home, but for many of you it is just where you attend college. If elected for Assembly, I want to work towards everyone having a welcoming and comfortable first year. I think through different events, activities and excursions, we can foster a stronger community so that we are able to make the most of our next four years together. So, don’t worry, vote Flury!!
  • Caroline Pollock
    • My platform will be to increase school spirit. One major way I will do this is by improving Loyolapalooza. I will make every effort possible to book an artist that will be exciting and appealing to all people. Also, I will add more elements to the day such as food trucks and local art as decorations. I will also try to increase school spirit by promoting sporting events to make them more widely attended. I think this is the best way to bring the community together to support our school. I’ll do this by organizing pep rallies on the Quad and advertising games more around campus. Lastly, I will try to promote school spirit by selling more Loyola gear that might not be found in the campus shop. The more people wear school gear, the more they will feel they are representing Loyola.
  • Francesca Mariani 
    • Hi! My name is Francesca Mariani and I am looking to become an assembly member for the Class of 2022. I am incredibly passionate about student government, as I participated in my high school’s student council all four years. I look to bring an optimistic and positive attitude towards the school year, as I wish to cater to everyone’s interests and voices. If elected, I promise a fun, successful, and unforgettable first year. Go Hounds!
  • Alexia Cuevas
    • My goals are to get the students’ voices heard and would like to see more activities for students to participate. I would also like to have the student government more well-known and help to do as much for the student body as we possibly can. I will represent the student body in a professional and unbiased way. I plan to listen and give the opinions of the students. I will address student interests, advocating for student concerns, providing support and recognition for recognized student organizations, and serving students by hosting activities and events that enhance student life. Qualities that I possess are self-confidence, humility, authenticity, enthusiasm, optimism, and warmth. Student government requires both dedication and leadership skills from its participants. I believe that have I the skills to be an effective leader: Communication skills, Negotiation skills, team-working skills, and problem-solving skills.
  • Brooke Carson
    • Hi everyone! My name is Brooke Carson and I am running for a first-year assembly position. If elected, my goal is to bring together all sections of campus to gain a sense of unity. Some of my ideas include a slip & slide day, game night, or even a water balloon fight in the quad. I will also be open to any suggestions to accommodate all students’ interests. I am super excited for election day and can’t wait to see the class of 2022 come together!

Sophomore Class Assembly

  • Martin Davis
    • I am Martin Davis and I am running for Assembly for the Class of 2021. I am a political science major, I am on the Men’s Club Soccer team, and a member of the Student Leadership Corps. As a member of the Assembly for Class of 2021, I would look to plan class and campus events that are inclusive to all the students and ones in which draw a large number of students. In order to achieve this, I would reach out and listen to all students to get a consensus on which type of class events students are interested in. Working with other members of not only Assembly but the entire SGA is crucial to this. As someone who was not in SGA last year, I did not have a full understanding of SGA and what they do. With that, I would like to build the dialogue between those who are not in SGA and those who are not. Building this trust and transparency is necessary, especially given the influence the organization has. I am open to any ideas, suggestions, or concerns moving forward. It would be an honor to represent the class of 2021.
  • Mariana Santamaria 
    • My name is Mariana Santamaria and I am running for a position to be part of the sophomore class assembly. I am very excited for this year and I think that each and every one of us can play an important role with making it a fun year and years to come! I am willing to hear different ideas from all of you and hoping to combine them into something larger and unique. I have thought of some cool ideas that have not yet been done at Loyola that involves the other classes to a friendly competition in where the different classes team up and work as a group to try and defeat the other grade levels. I want to ensure that we feel connected and know that we have a strong relationship with one another. For the events and activities that already exist I want to make sure that students do come out and are not afraid to leave their comfort zone or feel as they do not belong. It is very important for me to make sure that us as students feel that we are engaged within our school for the years spent here!
  • Geovanni Garrison 
    • My name is Geovanni Garrison, I am currently a sophomore double majoring in Political Science and Philosophy. I have been given the privilege to serve as Newman Towers President for the upcoming academic year, it is through this initiative that I have grown a sense of community. That is why I want to expand my mission from just Newman Towers to the entire Sophomore student body, to hear the voices and concerns of all Greyhounds. That’s is why for this upcoming academic year I plan to run for Sophomore Class Assembly, in order to get a greater understanding of my peers and to help improve our community any way possible. My name is Geo Garrison and I approve this message! ROLLHOUNDS!
  • Robert Chambers
    • My platform will be to increase school spirit. One major way I will do this is by improving Loyolapalooza. I will make every effort possible to book an artist that will be exciting and appealing to all people. Also, I will add more elements to the day such as food trucks and local art as decorations. I will also try to increase school spirit by promoting sporting events to make them more widely attended. I think this is the best way to bring the community together to support our school. I’ll do this by organizing pep rallies on the Quad and advertising games more around campus. Lastly, I will try to promote school spirit by selling more Loyola gear that might not be found in the campus shop. The more people wear school gear, the more they will feel they are representing Loyola.

Junior Class Assembly

  • Clarie Berry 
    • Since arriving at Loyola in the fall of 2016 I have been grateful to be welcomed into a diverse and inspiring body of students. If elected would strive to better Loyola for both the students of today and tomorrow. I feel that it is my duty to pay it forward to a community that has given me so much. I will work tirelessly to bring events together that guarantee lasting memories. I also hope to program functions to develop lasting bonds amongst the junior class, these relationships will, in turn, better Loyola as a whole. As one of the captains of the club lacrosse, I have honed in a creative and organized mindset for fundraising, managing the logistics of activities, all with fun as the number one priority. Don’t forget to vote!

Senior Class Senate

  • Erica Mones
    • My name is Erica Mones, and I am a Classical Civilizations/Writing double major.   Last year, I started a club on campus called Disability is Diversity to elevate the voices of my disabled peers.  Having a physical disability has made me passionate about inclusivity and integration.  I am running for senate because I see a need for disabled voices.  In my four years at Loyola, it has become clear to me that many of my peers misunderstand disability and exclude disabled students from events, social gatherings, and more.  We tend to forget that disability is a vital part of human diversity, and because of that, disabled people often become outsiders in their own communities.    Campus-wide events, such as Loyolapalooza, are not safe or accessible for many students.  I believe that every student deserves to enjoy their college experience.  Improving accessibility will enable more students to participate on campus and in the greater community.  I have seen immense progress in Loyola’s inclusivity since my freshman year.  Last year I had the privilege of participating in our first annual Disability Awareness Week.  This helped us foster a new level of understanding of our peers, and many people previously rendered voiceless were given a platform to address issues they have faced.   I am hoping that we can have even more success and student engagement in the future.  I believe that I can provide a unique perspective for SGA, and I intend to collaborate with my peers to ensure that diverse voices are heard.
  • Terra Haddad
    • I am Terra Haddad, and I would like to be a part of Senior Senate. I am a marketing major who studied abroad in Dubai last year. While abroad, I met lots of people from many different backgrounds. They helped me learn to appreciate how every individual is gifted with unique talents that can be utilized to create a better world. As a member of the Senate, I will use my position to help Loyola become a more inclusive environment that fosters strength and growth on both an individual and communal level. In my almost four years here, Loyola has helped me in more ways than I have time to describe here. If I am awarded this position, I hope to give back to the community and help others have the same type of amazing experiences I have had! As my friends know, I am an incredibly approachable person and always willing to listen to your ideas. Thanks for reading this bio; and remember, vote for Terra!