2019/2020 Executive Election Candidates

2019/2020 General Election Candidates

Senior Elections

Senior Class President Candidate

  • Tim Mudric
    • Class of 2020, we have survived almost 3 full years together, and so far, we have been able to make it through this diverse and changing world together. These past two year as serving as your class president have been an honor. Next year, I will again offer you my full effort, acting as a liaison to make sure all of your voices are heard. My mission continues. During our last year together, let us keep fostering a culture of inclusivity, working towards tolerance, and keep respecting our community. There is so much more to come, and there is not a group of people I would rather journey with than you.

Senior Senate Candidates

  • Matt Potvin
    • Greyhounds, My name is Matthew Potvin, and I had the pleasure and privilege of serving as a class senate member and class president during my time here at Loyola. I enjoyed the transition into more advocacy related work and am seeking re-election as a class senator. With my three years of experience on SGA, I hope to use the contacts and knowledge I have gained to benefit not only the Class of 2020 but Loyola’s overall community. The particular issue of the price of parking at the FAC in respect to the price you pay for a central spot on campus is something I hope to change next year.
  • Giovanni Gravano
    • Hi, my name is Gio Gravano and I am running to represent you as a Senior Senator. As a veteran member of the senate, my experience not only makes me well adept for the job but will help ensure future successes of the senate as a whole. My involvement on campus ranges from a variety of different positions, from serving as an Evergreen to working as the Housing Selection Intern in the office of Student Life. The combination of my knowledge of the inner workings of SGA, my involvement and dedication to Loyola, and my well-formed relations between students and administration make me incredibly qualified for the Senior Senate seat. A vote for me is an assurance that SGA and the advocacy on behalf of the student body will be in good hands.
  • Thomas Schlectic
    • Hello Class of 2020, so this would be more fourth year representing you in Senate. With that being said, I have a lot of experience and some initiatives I would like to work on our last year here. It’s been quite a journey and while it may be over soon, I would like to make senior year the best year yet. I also strive to have a lasting impact for students to come. Please vote Thomas Schlectic, thank you.

Senior Assembly Candidates

  • Claire Berry
    • Class of 2020!
      I ask for your vote today because I want to represent the diverse student body that Loyola is, and help make your Senior year the best one yet. As an assembly member, I want to ensure that a vote for me confirms that every event planned by the Senior class will be fun for everyone. I will be as inclusive as possible when it comes to planning each event, as this is something I care deeply about. I also strive to reach new heights when it comes to creativity and I want to put a refreshing spin on Senior 500’s. This would include getting more input from the Senior class through voting polls on social media such as Instagram, and Facebook. Who says we have to do that same themes every year?
      My past year on SGA has been an absolute pleasure and I have met so many fantastic individuals in the class of 2020. My only hope is to be able to give back to people who have made my Loyola experience such a remarkable one by making your last year on the Evergreen campus a memorable one!
      Vote Claire Berry today!
  • Caroline Adler
    • Hey everyone! My name is Caroline Adler and I am running for reelection for SGA as part of the senior assembly. Currently, I am studying abroad in Copenhagen but am excited to come back to Loyola and make the most out of my last year. Having been a part of SGA since freshman year, I am experienced and enthusiastic to plan events that will bring the senior class together. Ever since my first year, I have been looking forward to taking the initiative in planning senior countdown events and hope I will be able to have this opportunity. With all of us being back on campus together after a very long time, I think we can make next year the best year yet and I hope to have the chance to contribute!! Please vote for me!
  • Emily Bisesto
    • Hi, I’m Emily Bisesto. I’m looking forward to making our senior year the best one yet and would love to help organize events next year. I have some great ideas for our senior year!
  • Rory Gavin
  • Matt Jakab
  • Joey Martino

Junior  Elections

Junior Senate Candidates (Fall)

  • Mariella Tani
    • My name is Mariella Tani and I am a rising junior petitioning for the chance to run in the Class of 2021’s Student Government Senate. As someone who has spent the better part of the last two years heavily engrossed in two very demanding organizations (Division 1 Rowing and Army ROTC) I believe that I have a deeper understanding of the importance of inspirational leadership and the extent to which it can directly and indirectly affect individuals. Since the beginning of my first semester at Loyola I have been subject to leaders who maintain the utmost level of accountability and respect for their subordinates and those who regard students as inconsequential.
      I believe we have the ability to drastically change our living and academic environments. I spent too long waiting for other students to fix problems that never ended up being addressed or if they were, were done so haphazardly and affectively. The student body makes up more than the vast majority of the Loyola Community, therefore we should feel more confident about standing up for ourselves. I’ve encountered inspirational professors and those who used their tenure as an excuse to provide their students with subpar teaching. I’ve meet faculty and staff who have made themselves available to students despite their personal schedules, by they were overpowered by the number of professors and staff who couldn’t be bothered to address issues outside of the classroom hours. These members of the Loyola Community leave a lasting and potentially negative impression on others and should not have the power to sully the good work of their peers. There should be a more effective way for the student body to maintain accountability over their professors and advisors so we can ensure the best experience while pursuing our academic careers at Loyola.
      In addition to the position mentioned above, I also believe we can work more actively on creating a more inclusive campus for all of our students regardless of their religious, ethnic, racial or political backgrounds. I have witnessed certain circumstances where those within the minority political or ethical ideologies were shut down in civil classroom discussions because they did not prescribe to the ideologies of their professors or peers. We are here to learn and we can achieve a holistic education by engaging in open dialogue.
  • Marisa Camardella
    • My name is Marisa Camardella and I am from Westchester, NY. I am a member of the Class of 2021 majoring in Business Management and minoring in Communications. For the past two years, I have been elected to represent the Class of 2021 as a member of the Class of 2021 Assembly. However, for the 2019-2020 school year, I am running to be elected a member of the Class of 2021 senate for both the Fall and Spring semesters. I am very passionate about SGA’s mission to protect the interests and welfare of all members of the student body, and I would like to have the opportunity to be your voice on SGA’s senate to continue to promote and encourage change on and off Loyola’s campus. Your support and vote would be greatly appreciated, so together, we can continue working towards a stronger, more unified Class of 2021 and overall student body.
  • Nikki Wieman
    • Hi Hounds! My name is Nikki Wieman and if elected this will be my third consecutive year serving on your class senate! Being on SGA these past two years, it is truly amazing how much knowledge I have acquired about the realities of our campus life. I have certainly grown as a person and am thrilled to take the lessons I have learned to further cultivate beautiful transformations on our gorgeous evergreen campus. One goal I have for this upcoming semester is to begin a plan to make the 4th floor balcony that overlooks DGA a green space on campus – filled with flowers and other plants to make Loyola more sustainable and to provide additional and relaxing study spaces for us all. I also hope to be a medium for students to express how they would like to see our campus climate change and evolve for the better. I am proud to call Loyola our home and will work wholeheartedly to make Loyola the best it can be for every student here!
  • Beza Mamo
    • I am running for senate because I believe I can represent the class of 2021 and make meaningful changes, as is necessary. My vision is for the improvement of Loyola, to make our school better than how we found it. With the leadership experiences I gained throughout these past two years, from being President of the African Student Association to being a first year Resident Assistant, as well as my passion and dedication, I am sure to offer new ideas and new perspectives. Most importantly, I will welcome all your concerns and suggestions. I am asking for your vote because together, I believe we can improve Loyola.

Junior Spring Senate Candidates

  • Liam Murray
    • Since my coming to Loyola I have wanted nothing more than to improve the quality of this campus inside and out. I have served as freshman senate serving to help the policies of Student Government. My sophomore year I was given the opportunity to serve on the executive board for Student Government as Director of Student Affairs. My wantingness to serve the Loyola community has remain the same since my first day and I wish to continue with the help of my classmates. Thank you for this platform and I hope to be serving as your spring class senator for the 2020 school year.
  • James Burke
    • I have been a member of Student Government since I was a first-year and I have been committed to ensuring everyone has a place in the Loyola community. As a member of Assembly my first year, I was devoted to planning events where every individual felt included and welcomed. As a member of Senate my sophomore year, I served my fellow peers by bringing their concerns, comments, and ideas to the table. Nonetheless, I believe my ability to be an advocate for my peers and their voices is a reason why I should serve as your Junior Senator.

Junior Class Fall Assembly

  • Kaylee Walls
    • Hi everyone! My name is Kaylee Walls and I am running for SGA Assembly for next year. Junior year is a big year for our class because everyone will be all over the world from Europe to Asia, Australia, those staying in Baltimore and more. As a part of the Sophomore Assembly, I want to make sure next year we have a great year for those venturing off, as well as those staying! I want to be apart of SGA to be a student liaison and make sure every person in our grade is happy and has numerous events to attend to maintain the inclusivity of our grade. I want to communicate and assist as many people as possible during my time on SGA. I am devoted to making sure every person’s voice is heard. I am a very reliant person who is genuinely interested in each member of the Class of 2021! Vote for Kaylee for SGA Assembly!
  • Brandon Weissman
    • As a member of the assembly, I would focus on creating more events that relate to everyone on campus. I would also work to increase school spirit. I will work hard to make sure that all of the events are enjoyable for everyone while taking into account the interests of our class.
  • Julia Scapp
    • After my year on SGA I have been able to accomplish a lot on Assembly. I have assisted with the Career Discovery forum in the first semester along with the upcoming Sophomore Send Off. I have also been in charge of the class’s social media with another member. I have also been solely in charge of creating and posting the Hound Highlight weekly. I think we as the sophomore class have done great things this year. If given the chance I hope to build on the progress we have already made to further the class of 2021’s experience here at Loyola.
  • Jamilla Battle
    • Hi! I am Jamilla Battle and I want to be a member of 2021’s class Assembly board because I am dedicated to “Battling For Your Voice To Be Heard.” My campaign is focused on people of color and other marginalized voices on campus who feel as though they don’t have much say at this Predominantly White Institute. I want to promote inclusivity in and outside the classroom using faculty, other staff and students, however, I would like to start in the classroom since it lies at the heart of student learning. There are many staff on this campus that do promote the idea of inclusivity but there are also many who don’t. I am pushing for staff to find ways to teach more inclusively. As for everyone else around campus, I’m asking to examine any self /personal biases you might hold and to not be afraid to challenge others on their biases that they might overlook. On a smaller scale, Assembly does plan many campus-wide events that are highly attended so I would like to try my best at making these events more diversified. One option would be connecting with other colleges in the area; Morgan State (HBCU) and/or Towson). Another project I’d like to work on is planning an International Night to highlight the diversity we have on campus and make it a more inclusive experience. I believe people should vote for me because I truly want to see change here on Loyola’s campus. The Seniors that are leaving this year have set up an amazing platform and I want to step up to the plate to finish what they have started. I want to create a welcoming space for everyone here at Loyola and especially for minorities, like the Seniors created for me. For the class of 2021, I would like to shape a culture of inclusivity through social and academic engagements and I am ready to BATTLE FOR YOUR VOICE TO BE HEARD.”
      I’m Ready, Are You?
  • Francisco Echaniz
    • Hey Hounds! I’ve been on SGA for the past two years making your voice heard. This year, I’ve spent my time working as the Chief Technology Officer for the Executive Board of SGA helping improve all tech issues faced on campus. I’ve helped put into effect a better and faster wifi plan that will go into place this summer! By voting for me, I am ensuring that I will continue to hear all student’s feedback and put it into use. I have big plans set for next year, and I hope to share them with you as your assembly member. Vote Francisco for Class of 2021 Assembly!

Junior Class Spring Assembly

  • Bobby Chambers
    • My platform will be to increase school spirit. First, I will do this by promoting sporting events to make them more widely attended. I think this is the best way to bring the community together to support our school. I’ll do this by organizing pep rallies on the Quad and advertising games more around campus. Also, I will increase school spirit by promoting on campus events such as Loyolapalooza so that the school body can come together more often for a common purpose. Lastly, I will try to promote school spirit by selling more Loyola gear that might not be found in the campus shop. The more people wear school gear, the more they will feel they are representing Loyola.
  • Emma Kucharski
    • I have been a member of Student Government for the past two years and have loved being apart of an organization that represents the voices and values of our Sophomore class. Over the past years, the assembly has been able to create fun and informative class events and reach everyone through our social media platforms. I plan to continue this idea of unity amongst each-other, and plan more events in the coming year to engage all.
  • Jamilla Battle

Sophomore Elections

Sophomore Senate Candidates

  • Trevor Tormann
    • My name is Trevor Tormann, and I am campaigning to be re-elected as a member of the Class of 2022 Senate. Last semester, I stressed that as students at Loyola, we can have an impact on our future only if we are active in our college experience. This idea serves as the basis of my work and relationships across our campus. For this upcoming year, I am looking to expand upon that vision. Spending a year on SGA, I’ve noticed how the organization’s presence is certainly felt on campus, and I’ve appreciated the work done to accomplish that. I look to build upon that foundation. There is so much potential, so much room to grow, here at Loyola and within the Class of 2022. This is advantageous to all of us; what we need to do is take part in it. My goal for 2019-2020 is to increase engagement, transparency, and community in both our class year and the student body. I am excited to continue working with the school community, ensuring Loyola will be a place where everyone knows they matter and everyone knows they can succeed. I am honored to have the opportunity to represent the Class of 2022 for a second year. Thank you, and please consider voting for me we can achieve this together!
  • Caitlin O’Donnell
    • I perceive the Student Government Association to be an unwavering source of support and consideration for all students on campus. I see SGA as an outlet for ideas, questions, concerns and a driving force behind changes both big and small at Loyola. SGA’s promise of instilling trust between students, faculty and the community, fostering inclusivity for students from all different walks of life and being unbound from social constructs, systems and a restriction of ideas illustrate the organization’s devotion to serving the people and community that surround it. It is without a doubt that I say that I believe I have the drive and passion to uphold and push these values and mission forward. I am running for a position on the Sophomore Senate as I wish to be a voice for my peers and I wish to enact change on campus. I see and hear weak or unaddressed areas within our Loyola community that I would love to advocate for on behalf of the student population. Whether these issues pertain to meal plan options (having points instead of swipes available for all grade levels), food choices, or traffic and shuttle patterns, I am committed to ignite change to improve student quality of life and leisure on campus. I’m dependable, I’m excited, and I’m read to listen to the wants and needs of my peers. Roll Hounds.
  • Emma Niles
  • Allison Amaya
  • Katherine Sarceno

Sophomore Assembly Candidates

  • Brooke Carson
    • My name is Brooke Carson and I am running for re-election for assembly. Being a current member on assembly, I have worked extremely hard to learn and understand how it works, and bring several fun events to campus. I wish to continue my work as a part of this organization, and if re-elected, I will do everything in my power to make our sophomore year one to remember!
  • Maggie Kudzy
    • My name is Maggie Kudzy and I am running to serve as a member of the Assembly this year. After attending Loyola for the past year, I feel that I am now ready to ignite the changes that I would like to see on this campus. I am very excited about this position because it would give me the platform to work together with my fellow peers in order to let your voices be heard. It is the job of the Student Government Association members to represent and advocate for the rest of the student body. Change requires unity. If elected, my main goal would be to ensure that every member of our class not only feels like a Loyola student, but rather a Loyola student in the class of 2022 through planning fun events that will create a stronger community. This is our campus, our time, your choice. Vote Maggie Kudzy for Class Assembly!
  • Charlotte Flury
    • My name is Charlotte and I am a running for re-election to the Class of 2022 Assembly. Now that we are settled in at Loyola, it is now time to #LiveLoyola. I, personally, have found a home at Loyola this past year through my involvements as an Admissions intern, current SGA Assembly member, and an Evergreen – in training! The next step in our four years here is to truly Live. Hopefully, in my role in Assembly next year I can plan events that are focused on study abroad, class bonding, internship discovery, and truly living out the Loyola ideals of discernment, care of the whole person, academic excellence, integrity, inclusion, diversity, and so many more. Vote Flury to #LiveLoyola.
  • Julianna Mattei
    • Hi! My name is Julianna Mattei and I’m running for assembly! I love Loyola so much and want the class of 2022 to feel the same. If I were elected I would voice the concerns of my fellow students so everyone feels heard. The happiness of others is be my upmost concern. A vote for me is a vote for a better Loyola community.
  • Grace Kirkman
    • My name is Grace Kirkman, and I am running for reelection to serve as a member of the Assembly. If elected, I will work tirelessly to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard to make the 2019-2020 school year the best one yet! I believe that all members of the Student Government Association have a responsibility to represent the student body and to advocate for their rights, and I am committed to upholding these duties. If elected, I look forward to having the opportunity to team up with other assembly members to plan fun events that will have a positive impact on our time here at Loyola and will aid in fostering a strong sense of community. Sophomore year is a critical time in our college careers, and I hope to coordinate events that will aid with career exploration as well as study abroad planning. This past year, I worked closely with my fellow members of the Assembly to plan several successful events such as a Major Discovery Panel and a First Year Tailgate before a lacrosse game, and I hope to continue to host successful events such as these going forward. This experience of serving on the Assembly has been extremely valuable to me as it has provided allowed me to foster strong relationships with leaders on campus and it has provided me with the leadership skills that are required to take our class into a successful sophomore year. With an intended major in Marketing and on campus involvement such as being a captain of my club field hockey team, I feel confident that I am equipped with the necessary skills to help lead us into the best year yet
  • Claire Chevalier
    • Hello amazing class of 2022, my name is Claire Chevalier and I am seeking to be elected to the position of class assembly for the 2019-2020 school year. Even though I was not a member of this current year’s class assembly, I feel confident that with my skills I could be a valuable member for our class. I have a strong background in student government, as I was apart of my high school’s organization for four years. I enjoy engaging with the class in new and fun ways. I am skilled in the area of event planning, with several prior experiences like planning homecomings and proms, as well as class wide tailgates and trips. By having inclusive, yet exciting, class events, an important sense of community is created. Another reason why I would make a great fit on our class assembly is because I am a relationship builder. Over this year I have met a good portion of our class and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone. I love listening to the needs, wants, and suggestions that come from our classmates. Sophomore year is full of fun times and I am hoping to ignite enjoyable, everlasting class memories.
  • Joy Walker
    • I believe within every situation, everyone has a voice and deserves to heard. I believe that I can help people speak up and speak out for what they would like in our class such as the events and apparel. I believe that these events and other interactions can help create a better community for the class of 2022.
  • Toni Bryce
    • My name is Toni Bryce and I am running for Assembly for the Class of 2022. You should vote for me because I have many good ideas to bring to the table in order to make your experience at Loyola a more THRIVING and EXCITING one! As a member of the Campus Activities Board and an incoming RA, I have the skills to create and deliver fun and exciting events! Not only that, I am always open to hear from my fellow classmates one on one to hear their opinions on the better of our community. Vote for me and go HOUNDS!
  • Kerri Jackowitz
    • I will help to create fun and inclusive events, making the student body feel more united. I will work hard to ensure that everyone is heard (class of 2022) by listening to all suggestions and taking all of them into consideration when making decisions.
  • Alseni Seck
  • Alexia Cuevas
  • Tristan Orozco