2019/2020 Executive Election Candidates

2019/2020 Executive Election Candidates

Big Three Candidates

  • Lily Prince, Jack Finnegan, and Victoria Rubino
    • Friends of the Loyola Community, We, Lily Prince, Jack Finnegan, and Victoria Rubino, are asking for your support to elect us as your future Big 3 for Loyola’s Student Government Association. In past years, students perceived SGA as an inward-facing organization, yet this is far from reality.SGA thrives off you, your feedback and vocalizations of what you care about the most. Your surveys on printing gave SGA credence to demand contract negotiations that gave us HoundPrint. Your outrage of the removal of Boulder to-go boxes was valuable leverage to reinstate them. Your voice informs us of #WhatYouWant and enables us to fight for #WhatYouWant.Our campaign is not stagnant in one material answer to campus issues, but our vision is malleable and waiting to be illuminated by #WhatYouWant and deserve. We are running so we can rise up together and take on the issues that matter most.Have you ever wondered why we can’t have food trucks at Loyola events? Why the health center is closed on the weekend? Or felt that something so obvious, so problematic, ought to have an acknowledgement?With our ticket, your voice will always be heard. If #WhatYouWant is answers, we will deliver answers.The Big 3 positions demand the most time, patience, and vision when it comes to serving Loyola and running our Student Government Association. As seasoned executives of SGA, we feel called to run for these positions. We are here for you, and we hope you will grant us this opportunity
  • Caroline Hermance, Mailyse Dejesus, Alex Heredia  
    • This year, our Student Government Association leaders hope to cultivate a campus culture that embraces all students, faculty, staff, and community members. This will ensure that we reach our overarching goal of rising to meet new challenges by working creatively through them, and being ready to take on the next project.On our Jesuit campus, each academic discipline will benefit from intersectional relationships; in caring for the whole person, each student can contribute their voice, their ideas, and their passion to elevate and improve our University as a whole. Innovative thinking in leadership will bring a new light and energy to Loyola’s campus as we move forward.We seek to promote the notion of active citizens serving for and with others. By creating dynamic and provoking events, encouraging students to engage in advocacy both on and off campus, this will ensure that our community is perpetually engaged, aware, and open to learning beyond their own experiences.Through these principles, we hope to cultivate a truly beloved community in order to solidify our organization’s role on campus as allies and advocates. Together we will rise.

Sophomore Class Presidents

  • Bobby Portway
    • Class of 2022, My name is Bobby Portway and I am seeking re-election to continue being your Class President. Throughout the past few months together, we have already accomplished many great things, thanks to the ideas and feedback submitted by all of you. You asked for class events and activities, class apparel, more inclusivity on campus, and most importantly, you asked for a voice. We helped put on the Hound Showdown event at the FAC, launched various campus outreach initiatives, ran the Valentine’s Day Social, and are in the works of planning a class tailgate, putting together a workshop based on choosing your major, rolling out class t-shirts, and are also brainstorming for other future events. We have utilized our class social media to help build and foster a sense of inclusivity on campus, and are constantly looking for new ways to grow and improve. I am running again because although we have been off to a good start, there is still so much more work that needs to be done. Through my vast leadership experience serving as Class President throughout high school, holding many other leadership roles, and serving as the Loyola First-Year Class President, I believe that I am ready and equipped to continue this journey of serving our class. Let’s continue to build a great legacy for the Class of 2022, together! Please consider voting for Bobby Portway in the upcoming election and remember that Portway is the way, thank you.
  • Caitlin O’Donnell
    • I want to be transparent, authentic and available for the Class of 2022 in order to bring us closer together and push us closer to our aspirations as a class.As sophomores in college, we’re still testing the waters in terms of campus involvement and career paths for the near future. Therefore, events geared toward the exploration of our futures aspirations and creating a close knit community are the basis of my ideas.A TEDTalk from seniors would be valuable in motivating and inspiring younger students. Seniors would reflect on what they’ve learned from their college experience, how they’ve chosen their career paths or articulate a moving story from their life. I see great value in our seniors and would love to highlight their stories.Increasing and fostering a sense of belonging within the Loyola community is an overarching goal that is present in all my planned activities on campus. I would love to see the sophomore class engaging with all other grades in inclusive, light hearted environments. I would promote movies or farmers markets on the quad, the creation of an interactive “Before I Graduate…” banner, or something as simple as having a barbecue to offer students a place to relax, converse and bond.I’m extremely passionate about mental-health and would create events that cater to the happiness and fulfillment of my peers. Whether this looks like therapy dogs/cats visiting campus, yoga in the dorms or painting on the quad, I’d strive to create a laidback space to help reduce stress in the Loyola community.

Junior Class Presidents

  • Claudia Cardona Ramos / Spencer Blair 
    • Hey everyone, our names are Spencer Blair and Claudia Cardona Ramos, and we are running as a joint ticket for the position of Junior Class President for the spring and fall terms respectively. After both of us having served on SGA for two years, we have seen firsthand how much effort and dedication goes into planning class events, helping to implement policy, and finding solutions to pressing campus issues. While Junior year is a time of adjustment – whether you are studying abroad or not – it is also a time that provides numerous new opportunities. Our main goal for the upcoming year is to highlight those new and unique experiences and opportunities. We aim to not only further unite our class, but to also listen to your concerns and implement your suggestions in all of the events that we organize. While our primary responsibility is to organize unique, enjoyable, and inclusive events, we will also strive to ensure that your voices as members of the Class of 2021 are heard. We are absolutely committed to serving the needs and desires of our fellow classmates and we cherish the opportunity to help enhance another student’s overall Loyola experience! Together, let’s make Junior year one to remember!”