Green Fund

February 11th, 2014

Senate Approves Green Fund

BALTIMORE – The Senate of the Student Government Association of Loyola University Maryland has approved a $2,000 budget line to a new “Green Fund” initiative to go towards sustainability projects on campus.

The SGA’s Sustainability Advisor, Kelley Dolan, stated the following in regards to the Green Fund:

“The money, allocated by SGA to the Green Fund, will be used to help fund projects submitted by students wishing to create a more sustainable and environmentally conscious Loyola community. We are currently working on getting the application onto the SGA website so students can begin submitting project proposals. Our hopes are to have it operating within the next couple of weeks.”

Speaker of the Senate, Eli Polnerow, also issued a statement:

“The Green Fund Proposal was brought to our attention by Kelley to initiate a program that allowed students to pursue environmentally sustaining projects on their own accord, with financial support given by the Student Government Association. The Green Fund Proposal had a lot of support within the Senate from the outset. There were a few matters of clarifying some of the detailed issues–such as the allocation of funds for the program–but once that was all made clear, the Proposal generated more than enough support in the Senate to be put into action.”