SGA Position Descriptions

Want to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of specific SGA positions? Here are descriptions of all potential openings for Spring Elections and Executive Board Appointments!

*Note: These descriptions are for informational purposes and are subject to change.

UPDATE! Student Body President, VP of Policy & Advocacy, and VP of Social Affairs- Elect are…

Lemuel Bourne, Matt Cannon, and Aeliana Lomax 

Executive Board Appointments

  1. All Executive Board appointments are full year positions and cannot be fulfilled by students studying abroad.
  2. All positions are subject to change based on the choosing of the Selection Committee (composed of the newly elected Student Body President, VP of Policy & Advocacy, VP of Social Affairs, and class presidents).
  3. Applicants for the Executive Board do not apply for a single position, but rather, denote areas of interest during their application process.


Chief Operating Officer

  • Serve as special assistant to the President and Vice-Presidents, and be willing to represent them at any function or meeting that they are unable to attend.
  • Update SGA’s online web page with minutes and calendar information.
  • Oversee all public relations pertaining to the organization.
  • Produce the social media and online marketing of the SGA.
  • Organize and coordinate Fall and Winter training sessions with the Student Body President for the Executive Board and for the full organization.
  • Organize and run the SGA elections following the guidelines set forth by the official election rules. In the event that the Chief Operating Officer is running in either the Executive Elections or General Elections, the Student Body President and the Director of Ethics will administrate that election.


Chief Financial Officer

  • Have the sole authority to deal with the University Business Office concerning the accounts of SGA and all of its chartered organizations.
  • Be consulted on all matters concerning the release of funds from the SGA accounts. If it is deemed by the Chief Financial Officer that funds cannot be released, the matter may be brought to the SGA President.
  • Not give out information regarding SGA account numbers to anyone except the University Business Office, certain members of the University Administration and on-campus creditors.
  • Develop a budget for the SGA. Upon approval by the SGA President the budget shall then be sent before the Student Senate for approval.
  • Attend the Senate meetings weekly to review parking ticket appeals and approve club fund allocations.
  • Sits on the following committees:
    • Board of Trustees Subcommittee for Finance
    • University Budget committee


Director of Academic Affairs

  • Serve as liaison between the faculty and the student body.
  • Assume the position of Student Representative on all College Committees related to the academic issues of the college
  • Organize any efforts of the student body to express concerns in relation to academics or to try and initiate change in the academic climate.
  • Sits on the following committees:
    • Academic Senate
    • Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
    • Board of Trustees Subcommittee on Academic Affairs
    • Student Learning Assessment Committee


Director of Student Affairs

  • Represent the student body in all matters relating to campus services.
  • Serve as liaison between Student Body and the administrators who are responsible for Dining, Transportation, Campus Safety, and all Campus Services
  • Sits on the following committees
    • Dining Services
    • Transportation and Parking
    • Campus Safety


Director of Community Outreach

  • Represent the SGA with regards to Community Service and Public Relations.
  • Serve on a community board and attend neighborhood coalition meetings once a month.
  • Act as a liaison to students living in the surrounding off-campus areas.
  • Assist the President with any public relations concerning the school or surrounding community.
  • Create a link between the Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ) and the SGA and meet with their representative no less than once a month.
  • Help both the Class Presidents and Club Presidents in planning community service projects.
  • Work to keep the University community aware of community service opportunities.
  • Be responsible for the Director of Community Relations budget appropriated by the Chief Financial Officer.


Director of Diversity

  • Serve as a liaison between any club that promotes cultural, social, religious, political awareness and the SGA.
  • Represent (but is not limited to represent) the following clubs; Black Student Association, Caribbean Student Union, Asian Cultural Alliance, Association of Latin American and Spanish Speaking Students, African Students Union and Spectrum.
  • Stay engaged and aware of the news and activities of the above clubs. He or she shall inform the Executive Board of any and all activities of these clubs.
  • Be responsible for planning activities that promote diversity and incorporate the whole college community.
  • Meet regularly with the Director of ALANA and the Vice President of Academics & Diversity.
  • Be responsible for the Director of Diversity budget appropriated by the Chief Financial Officer.

Director of Student Equity

  • Be the voice of underrepresented students on campus. These are not limited to gender, race, sexuality and socioeconomic class.
  • Organize monthly meetings for the Committee on Sexual Violence.
  • Plan events aimed at promoting awareness on these issues.
  • Be responsible for the Director of Student Equity budget appropriated by the Chief Financial Officer.


Creative Director

  • Be responsible for informing the student body of SGA matters.
  • Be responsible for devising and promulgating any advertisements, publications, posters, etc. as needed.
  • Be responsible for the graphic designs needed for the SGA.
  • Be responsible for distributing posters.
  • Be assigned by the Student Body President any other tasks pertaining to advertisement and information management of the SGA.


Director of Campus Outreach

  • Open permanent lines of communication will all student clubs at Loyola.
  • Be responsible for facilitating the coordination and communication between the SGA and all other Loyola student organizations.
  • Create and maintain the Master Calendar that lists event dates of all student clubs at Loyola.
  • Aid clubs and organizations with their programming and development.
  • Coordinate guest speakers for Joint Conference meetings.


Director of Ethics

  • Advocate for the SGA Constitution and By-Laws.
  • Create the SGA Code of Conduct for the academic year he/she is the Director of Ethics.
  • Take part in crisis communications.
  • Responsible for taking attendance and minutes at Executive Board and Joint Conference minutes and sharing them.
  • Hold all members of the organization accountable.


Director of Sustainability

  • Promote sustainable initiatives and events on Loyola’s campus.
  • Notify SGA of the Environmental Action Club’s events and organize collaborations with the Environmental Action Club.
  • Implements sustainability through and for all SGA events and meetings.



A few key details order to be an eligible candidate:

-All candidates must be in good academic and judicial standing with Loyola University Maryland.

-All candidates must attend ONE mandatory information session prior to the election of your choice.

-Eligibility is subject to review if a candidate fails to abide by all election rules and requirements (to be outlined at your information session). 

General Elections: Senate and Assembly

Info Sessions: 4/9, 4/10, 4/11, Sellinger Hall 203 @ 9pm

Voting Period: April 11th – 13th

Senate – 3 Students Per Class Year

  • Actively seek out and represent the opinion of the student body of the University through the consideration of recommendations and resolutions.
  • Work with the Executive Board and the Administration to forge new initiatives that improve the Loyola student experience
  • Regulate the operation of SGA and its components through the consideration of legislation.
  • Ensure all policies are being followed in accordance with the Constitution and that all responsibilities of each position in the SGA are fully carried out in accordance with the By-Laws.  Senate reserves the right to call upon any member of the SGA to appear before them, as described in Section 6.

Assembly – 6 Students Per Class Year

  • Be responsible for organizing and implementing social programming for the University community under the guidance of the respective Class President.


Executive Elections: (Already Filled for the 2018-2019 Term)

Student Body President

  • Oversee and direct the entire Student Government Association and sit as chair of the Executive Board.
  • Submit a formal recommendation of candidates to the Legislature for review as nominated by the Appointments Committee to fill the appointed positions on the Executive Board.
  • Be responsible for organizing meeting times for his/her cabinet and set an agenda for those meetings.
  • Be in charge of setting the strategic agenda for the Student Government Association.
  • Act as chief liaison between the student body and the administration.
  • Approve or veto all legislation that passes through the Senate. No piece of legislation will be considered binding before the signature of the President is affixed.
  • Be responsible for the President’s budget appropriated by the Chief Financial Officer.
  • Sits on the following committees:
    • Loyola Conference
    • The Board of Trustees Subcommittee for Student Development
    • Any special committees formed throughout the academic year during his/her term in office


Vice President for Student Advocacy

  • Organize and oversee policy directives and represent student interests to the entire Loyola community.
  • Assist in the fulfillment of the President’s responsibilities.
  • Attend any and all club or organization meetings that the President may deem necessary.
  • Preside over the student Senate that handles the legislative duties of the Student Government Association. The Vice President for Student Advocacy shall vote in the event of a tie and shall direct all meetings.
  • Inform the Executive Board of any and all activities of the Senate.
  • Be responsible for the President’s budget appropriated by the Chief Financial Officer.
  • Sits on the following committees:
    • Loyola Conference
    • Any other committees the President deems as necessary
    • Any special committees formed throughout the academic year during his/her term in office


Vice President of Social Affairs

  • Be responsible for setting up the programming calendar for the Student Government Association.
  • Establish a relationship with an agent in order to plan and arrange the events for the current year.
  • Coordinate and collaborate the Student Government Association’s role with other campus group’s social plans.
  • Chair the LoyolaPalooza Committee. This committee shall function as a subcommittee of the Assembly and will welcome interested members of the student body at large.
  • Have the Director of Student Activities sign all contracts between the SGA and any outside parties.
  • Be responsible for the Social Affairs budget appropriated by the Chief Financial Officer.


Class Presidents

  • Represent their respective class within the Executive Board.
  • Act as liaisons between the student body and administration, voicing concerns brought up by their class.
  • Organize meetings with their six elected Assemblypersons. These meetings should be used to plan and coordinate social and community service events for the betterment of their class. These meetings shall also be used to bring up any concerns for their class as a whole.
  • Appoint the Assemblyperson with the next highest vote total in the event that a specific class has a vacancy of one of their Assemblypersons.
  • Receive a budget for their respective class to be spent on class activities and or items.
  • Be responsible for their respective Class Year’s budget appropriated by the Chief Financial Officer.